The PrideFiles: An inside look at some of the stories from our fabulous Pride (our clients).


The Client:

Michelle Lall, BSc, BEd, CNP. Founder of LALL Nutrition and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Michelle has an active blog, a juicy YouTube channel and a growing client list. Her clients depend on her expertise to bring their health back on track. Her work is all about making her clients “feel vibrant, alive and happy so that you can radiate health from the inside out“. She works with professional women, teachers & even students who care about bringing a higher quality of energy and vitality into their daily lives. She runs beauty workshops, consultation programs and even online programs to support her clients with their health.


My website is so important to my business. It’s a creative and visual representation of what I do. It is a platform for that allows me to express my message and gives clients an opportunity to learn more about what I do. Also, it serves as a storehouse of information that I can easily refer my clients to, in support of the work we are doing.



The Problem:

With a steadily growing business AND the demands of mothering a toddler, Michelle needed a platform for her website that she could depend on. Her current setup was not meeting her needs for something easy to use, that she could maintain on her own. Worse still, her website theme was no longer being maintained by its creators. She had already experienced site crashes and having an unsupported theme left her site potentially very vulnerable to hacking.

My developer said that I needed to have someone on contract since technology changes rapidly and things go out of date quickly. I’m pretty good with tech so I felt I should be able to handle most of the updates I need for myself.

Michelle was generally pleased with the look and layout of her site, but she had trouble making changes in the backend.

My site was static and not very user-friendly. Mostly, I wanted to be able to have autonomy and creative control over my website. I wanted to be able to quickly make simple changes for myself. I did not like the idea of having to wait on a web tech for a few days, just to change one thing on my site.

Since her website theme was no longer being supported by its developers, there was nowhere Michelle could turn for the info she needed to work with it. Taking the site down was apparently inevitable.



The Mission:

Investigate Michelle’s current website setup and develop a strategy for a quick and clean site re-build.

With potential clients coming to her site via YouTube, Instagram and from Google search results, Michelle could not afford to have her site down for very long.  She needed a platform that was easy enough to use, yet robust enough to scale with her, as her business grows.

Based on a referral from a trusted source, I reached out to Joy to see what she could suggest about my website challenges. From the get-go, Joy was easy to talk to and relatable. She has a warm personality and was not too pushy. I could tell that she knew what she was doing and felt a sense of ease about working with her.

After some initial investigation and research into the details of her website set up, it was clear that rebuilding on a new theme was a necessary first step. I got to work creating a specifically customized plan for Michelle, taking into account her available time and her budget.  With a plan in hand for a power-packed work session, we got together to make it happen. Michelle was open to learning how to master her new website backend, so we were able to cover a lot of ground in just a few hours. We worked through theme installation and set up, page layout and content placement. She got training and hands-on practice with using the new backend interface. She walked away knowing what she needed to do, to get her site fully back online – and she did!  In just a few days Michelle had all her website pages back up and running again.

Now I feel like I can breathe better. I have more control and it feels much easier. Before, working on my site felt like a messy pile of paperwork that I needed to get through, but kept putting off. Now, I no longer feel the weight of the website challenges. This feels like freedom.



Michelle was a wonderful client to work with. She committed to the process and was fully attentive to getting the results she was hoping for. The right guidance and support can go a long way to eliminate frustrations and get your online presence flowing forward. Today, her site is ranking at the top of Googles Search results for strong keywords in her field! I’m thrilled that she chose to join the Proud Peacock Pride and I’m honoured to support the great work that she’s doing to help others.


Is your website serving you the best way possible?  Are there updates you need to make but just haven’t gotten around to it?  Book a complimentary powwow call with Joy to have a quick assessment and discuss your best, next steps.